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Fun Fact: I was gifted my first guitar (a black Fender Sonoran) when I was 16- and haven't put it down since then :)

Ben Apsan (a.k.a. BINYAMIN) emerged onto the scene with his debut single “Who Am I” in 2021. A year and over 100K streams later, BINYAMIN has started to find his people, and his groove. After working together with producer and musician Aryeh Kunstler on his first two singles, Ben switched gears. The Summer of 2022 brought with it his debut EP “In My Head”, recorded and produced at the studio of the talented Yoe Mase, whose piano skills and voice can be heard on some of the tracks.

Being a local to New York City, BINYAMIN has been using its many resources to springboard and refine his live act. He plays gigs throughout the city and beyond, with performances ranging from solo acoustic sets to playing with a full band. He has performed both original songs and covers at bars throughout the Five Boroughs and in backyards as far as Montauk.

BINYAMIN recently released “Open Up”, a collaboration with DJ Kraz, which had already racked up thousands of streams within its first weekend. More collaborations and concerts are on the horizon, so be sure to give him a follow @binyamin_music on both TikTok and Instagram to stay up to date.

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